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Arcana of Paradiise

Arcana of Paradiise


About Arcana of Paradise

"I believe the rumors...
I believe that at the bottom of this Tower, a paradise awaits…"

Beyond the ends of the world, an endless tower stands.
Upon this tower, a people live. All of them children, not yet grown.
Living arm-in-arm atop The Tower, they survive together.

An all-new deckbuilding survival roguelike adventure awaits!
Coming April 20, 2023 for Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®.


Life Atop The Tower

At the start of each day, the children living atop The Tower each eat their bread.
Without this daily meal, these little ones will perish.
You must help them search The Tower for more bread to continue their life in the commune.

Affinity will be built with the children throughout the trials that await,
granting powerful changes to their skills and even unlocking their hidden profiles!


Delve Deeper and Deeper

Experience card battles in real time!
Time a perfect guard against enemy attacks,
charge up powerful magic spells,
and play your cards in response to the ever-changing battlefield in real-time!

Some cards' effects will depend on their orientation,
meaning a healing herb could become a poisonous trap!
Be on the lookout for obscure interactions some cards will have when used in combination,
or against your opponents!


A Product Arcana

Arcana of Paradise —The Tower—
Nintendo Switch™ / Steam®
Survival Roguelike Adventure
Release Date:
April 20, 2023.
Number of Players:1
Rating:IARC 3+
 Digital: $19.99 USD / ¥2,500 JPY
 Collector's Edition: ¥7,800 JPY
Collectors Edition Details
Arcana of Paradise —The Tower— Concept Book
A gorgeous 64-page concept art book filled to the brim with concept art, character bios, developer interviews, and even an original comic strip by the Arcana of Paradise art team.*Text content is Japanese language only.
Arcana of Paradise —The Tower— Original Soundtrack
Containing 27 songs that were featured in Arcana of Paradise, including the stunning lyrics of “An Arcana’s Lullaby”, and bonus tracks not featured anywhere else!
Original Tabletop Game "The Leaning Tower of Arcana"
Every collector's edition comes with an original tabletop game! Stack up the staircase and floor cards on top of each other stack The Tower of cards as high as you can! Perfect to not only show off your balancing skills as a display item but also to send crashing down just like the fabled Tower of Babel!

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